This machine is called a Teletype.

Between 1935 and 1975 it was used by newswires to literally re-type your press release for distribution.

And you paid
"per word / per page" for the manual labour + distribution.


It is 2022 and nobody is re-typing anything - so why are YOU still charged “per word” ?


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In fact, per word billing” is exactly why the incumbent newswire services gouge you this much Per Press Release:


Accesswire - $400 US+ Per Press release - zero Unlimited packages
Cision - $700+ Per Press releaseno Unlimited packages
Newsfile - $639 Per Press releasezero Unlimited packages
Globenewswire - $1,200 Per Press release - no Unlimited packages
Businesswire - starts at $495 USD Per Press Release - zero Unlimited packages


TheNewswire is the only Accredited Tier 1 newswire with set, fixed rates:

-$250 Per Press Release unlimited words, free image and / or audio or video inclusion.

-Annual / Unlimited Press Releases - $2,500

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For Clarification:

-Yes, TNW is one of the six Accredited Tier 1 newswires in North America.
-TheNewswire’s standard timely disclosure reach is par with our competitors and of course includes Yahoo Finance, AOL
 Associated Press and Apple News.
-TheNewswire has been in existence since 2004 and we work with 489 Client Issuers, Letters of Recommendation are below.


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