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G.E.T.T. Gold Provides Details of Underground Trials with its Exclusive and Patented Thermal Fragmentation Mining Method and Ongoing R&D Programs

G.E.T.T. Gold Inc.


Brossard (Quebec) – TheNewswire - July 9, 2024 - G.E.T.T Gold Inc. (“GETT” or the “Corporation”) (TSX-V: GETT), is pleased to provide details of its most recent demonstration of its thermal fragmentation mining method in an underground operation located in the Abitibi region of Quebec. The objectives of the trail were to demonstrate the viability of the mining method in mineralized zones that are not economical with conventional mining methods currently employed at the mine.


G.E.T.T set forth certain parameters such as: in-situ testing to attain certain hole diameters, validation of mine requirements, gas measurements, cavity measurements, pilot hole drilling and positioning. Most if not all the parameters were reached and/or surpassed. The team was especially pleased with the thermal fragmentation which produced 220kg of material in seven minutes and enlarged the diameter of the hole to a minimum of 43cm.


G.E.T.T Gold is currently working in partnership with Coalia on an R&D program aimed at thoroughly interpreting the fragmentability of various rock samples. This program has notably revealed that two key factors influence fragmentation: the proportion of quartz and the presence of discontinuities in the rock. Understanding these principles of fragmentation allows G.E.T.T Gold to better target potential mineralogical zones and more accurately estimate the quality of thermal fragmentation.


Additionally, this collaborative research has involved advanced analytical techniques and field studies to assess the mineralogical composition and structural features of the rock samples. By integrating geotechnical data with cutting-edge simulation models, G.E.T.T Gold and Coalia have been able to refine their predictive capabilities, enhancing the precision of their exploration and extraction processes. This comprehensive approach not only optimizes the efficiency of thermal fragmentation but also reduces operational risks and environmental impact. The insights gained from this partnership are expected to drive significant advancements in G.E.T.T Gold’s mining technologies and strategies.


G.E.T.T Gold has recently conducted numerous tests to better qualify and quantify thermal fragmentation. The primary objectives of these tests were to evaluate flame quality, improve equipment, and identify and quantify potential gases released during fragmentation to take necessary actions to eliminate them.


These successful tests significantly enhanced the reliability and stability of the thermal lance and brought substantial improvements to all equipment required for thermal fragmentation. These improvements have positively impacted both equipment productivity and health & safety standards.


To achieve these results, G.E.T.T Gold collaborated with experts in chemistry, simulation, combustion, gas detection, and geology to deepen the understanding of the thermal fragmentation system. During the tests, G.E.T.T Gold used gas detectors from Industrial Scientific to continuously evaluate a variety of gases that could be produced during thermal fragmentation. The data and insights collected have fostered a better understanding of the combustion process, enabling the team to take actions regarding the combustion gases produced.

In summary, these tests have not only improved the efficiency and safety of the thermal fragmentation process but have also provided valuable data that will guide G.E.T.T Gold's future research and development efforts, ensuring continued innovation and progress in their mining technologies.



Located in Thetford Mines, Quebec, Canada, COALIA, in collaboration with businesses and organizations provides applied research services and technical support for the development or optimization of innovative products or processes. COALIA’s mission is to contribute to the development of innovative materials, products and processes in the mineral technology and plastics engineering sectors. COALIA contributes to Quebec’s economic development through its applied research, technical support, training and information activities. COALIA is committed to the development of technological solutions, their transfer and implementation in a context of sustainable and responsible development.


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About G.E.T.T Gold

G.E.T.T Gold is active in the exploration and the development of gold resources in Quebec. G.E.T.T Gold also has an exclusive license for the Thermal Fragmentation mining method.

The company’s growth strategy is based on:

• The commercialization and deployment of its thermal fragmentation technology.

• Increasing the value of mining assets through the implementation of its technology; and

• The acquisition and development of precious metal deposits with the objective of producing revenue from such assets.


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