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IDC Announces Ownership Change

Imaging Dynamics Company, Ltd

Toronto, Ontario TheNewswire - October 5th, 2022 - Imaging Dynamics Company Ltd. ("IDC" or the "Company") (TSXV:IDL) announces that it has been informed that a private share transaction between Shuai Wang and New Journey Hospital Group Ltd. has been completed on or about March 14, 2022 whereby New Journey Hospital Group Ltd. has acquired from Shuai Wang 4,222,668 shares in the capital of the Company (the "Private Transaction") at a transaction price of $1.00/ share.  Pursuant to the Private Transaction, New Journey Hospital Group Ltd. now holds approximately 40.86% of the issued and outstanding shares of the Company.


The Company is not party to the Private Transaction, no new shares of the Company have been issued in connection therewith and no change of management or directors has occurred in connection therewith.


We believe IDC has a bright future ahead. Most of our attention will focus on introducing new products and providing better service to our customer.


About Imaging Dynamics Company (IDC):


IDC is a global medical imaging technology provider and innovative force in the high technology growth field of digital radiography (DR). Digital Radiography is a form of X-ray imaging which replaces conventional film-based diagnostic imaging and provides a cost-effective solution for medical facilities of all sizes to provide high quality diagnostic X-ray images with the use of Flat Panel detectors to enhance the digital image quality and improve the level of healthcare for their patients.


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Mr. Xiaoyi Yan

Chief Financial Officer 1.866.975.6737 Toll Free


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IDC Your Global Medical Imaging Technology Provider



the ability of IDC to establish direct and indirect sales channels; the ability of IDC to establish industry partnerships; IDC's ability to attract and retain key personnel; the strength and breadth of IDC's patents; and other factors relating to general economic conditions, specific industry conditions and IDC's particular situation.


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IDC Your Global Medical Imaging Technology Provider