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Studio North TV Expands Its Reach Beyond Canadian Borders


VANCOUVER, BC – TheNewswire - May 24, 2023 - Studio North TV, a leading online dance education platform founded by internationally acclaimed choreographers Scott and Carmen Forsyth, announced that it is expanding its services to a global audience.


Launched in response to the global pandemic, Studio North TV, the digital arm of the popular dance studio brand Studio North, has swiftly garnered a substantial following in Canada. With over 100 dance classes for varying experience levels, the platform's top-tier instruction, delivered by some of Canada's best choreographers and educators, has made it the preferred choice for aspiring and professional dancers alike.


Recognizing the power of digital platforms in making dance instruction accessible to all, regardless of geographical location, Studio North TV will now offer its library of classes to a worldwide audience.


"Studio North TV was born from our vision to provide access to high quality dance training, no matter where you’re located," said co-founder Scott Forsyth. "By expanding our services globally, we’re able to offer the same Studio North experience to dancers all over the world."


Despite its Canadian roots, Studio North TV has always strived to be inclusive and accessible. The platform's expansion beyond Canadian borders signifies a move towards fostering a global community of dancers. Subscribers, regardless of their location, will have access to the same high-quality instruction, flexible learning options, and community connection that Canadian dancers enjoy.


"As we reach out to a global audience, our vision remains the same: to provide a home for the dance community where dancers are supported and pushed to their greatest potential through a world class experience," added co-founder Carmen Forsyth. "We look forward to welcoming dancers from around the world into the Studio North TV community."


About Studio North TV


Studio North TV is a leading online dance education platform that offers dance classes for all levels. Founded by internationally acclaimed choreographers Scott and Carmen Forsyth, the platform provides high-quality dance instruction from Canada's top educators. With a growing library of over 100 classes and new classes added weekly, Studio North TV is committed to providing an accessible, inclusive space for dancers to hone their skills and connect with a global community of dance enthusiasts.


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