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Impact Analytics Engages Tri Nguyen as Scalable AI Consultant

Impact Analytics Inc.

Calgary, Alberta / TheNewswire / July 8, 2024 – Impact Analytics Inc. (“Impact Analytics” or the “Company”) (CSE: PACT), a vertically integrated AI software development company built on its proprietary cloud offering, is pleased to announce the engagement of Tri Nguyen as Scalable AI Consultant effective July 8, 2024. Tri Nguyen will provide project management, guidance, and advice on scalable Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) infrastructure and applications to enhance Impact Analytics' product offerings.


Colin Frost, CEO of Impact Analytics, stated: “Engaging Tri Nguyen is a step forward for our Company as we continue to expand our AI capabilities. We anticipate that his expertise will be beneficial in developing our AI infrastructure and forming strategic partnerships. This collaboration is expected to enhance our product offerings and create additional value for our shareholders.”


Tri Nguyen previously served as the Chief Technology Officer at Growth Engine Inc. (dba, Standup), an advanced generative AI platform. At Standup, he was active in reshaping the way companies match with government contracts through AI driven technology solutions. His experience in formulating and executing strategic technological roadmaps aligns with Impact Analytics' vision for its current product stack. Additionally, Tri has a variety of accomplishments, including being a TensorFlow research Cloud Alumni and guest lecturer at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


Nguyen's role at Impact Analytics will involve strategic partnership development with AI companies, focusing on both hardware and software. The Company expects that his guidance will help drive the scalability and innovation of Impact Analytics’ product offerings.


Tri Nguyen, commented: “I am excited to collaborate with Impact Analytics and contribute to their mission of advancing AI technologies. Together, we aim to develop scalable and innovative AI solutions that will drive operational excellence and business growth.”


Pursuant to the agreement with Mr. Nguyen, the Company has agreed to issue Mr. Nguyen 10,000 stock options and grant an aggregate of 20,000 restricted share units, subject to certain milestones being met.  

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