Take Stock Alberta! Calgary Petroleum Club venue for Investment Symposium focused on Alberta's Economic Future

Take Stock Alberta

Wednesday June 5
th, the Calgary Petroleum Club hosts TakeStock Investor Forum, a full-day forum featuring an array of entrepreneurs, small caps and strategists.


With exhibitors and attendees from throughout Canada and as far away as Tel Aviv, TakeStock is designed to attract both participants and an audience determined to play an active role in Alberta’s economic regrowth, in both Oil & Gas as as well alternative and emerging technologies.


Forum co-founder Raj Joshi says that with a new Alberta government, there seems to be an appetite for resurgence in both the oilpatch and the province’s business community as a whole...




With the theme: Cannabis, blockchain, biotech and beyond –  the Calgary Investor Forums feature Senior Management from over 20 dynamic growth stocks as well as a myriad of start-ups eager to show their wares.


It’s time to start telling the oil investment story again! And there is strong interest in hearing it.


The common thread running through the show is a laser-focus on building and supporting a system that rewards effort and innovation, for Alberta’s future both in Canada and beyond.


The June 5th TakeStock Forum is a precursor to its second event, June 13th where TakeStock launches the O&G Investor Forum at GPS (the second largest show of its kind in the world).


June 5 2019

Calgary Petroleum Club: 319 - 5th Avenue S.W.


8:30 a.m.


Media Inquiries:

Raj Joshi at 587-998-2262   or